Our fees include a nutritious morning tea, afternoon tea and a delicious home cooked lunch.

Unicare supplies the following items: Hats, Nappy Cream, Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellant, Tissues and Baby Wipes. We also cover the costs associated with all excursions and incursions.

Daily Fee (effective July 2019):  $130

Please note: Full fees are charged for all absences and for all public holidays.432x768_20141124_145749_Richtone(HDR)


Government assistance with the cost of child care is available for eligible parents.

Child Care Benefit (Income test required)

 Income threshold for one child as at October 2015 is $152,147 p.a.

You should contact your local Centrelink/Family Assistance Office to determine your eligibility before actually commencing at the centre.

Call 13 61 50 8am-8pm

Child Care Rebate (CCR) assists parents or guardians with out of pocket expenses for approved child care if you are working, training or studying up to a maximum of $7,500 per child.

JET (Jobs, Education and Training)

 Some students may be eligible for special help with their fees under the JET system. They will need to clarify this with the JET adviser through Centrelink.

UWA Salary Packaging

 Salary packaging is also available for employees of the University of Western Australia. CCB and CCR is not available to parents who choose to salary package their fees.